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The game that put New Zealand on the map. Before NZS came out, no one knew where New Zealand was. Finally Taito decided enough was enough. Nowadays, of course, those rubbish never-ending films have usurped NZS as New Zealand’s chief promoter, encouraging thousands of bores to travel there and come back with the same “eye-opening event” stories.

NZS is classic old school. We used to play it at my old school. A walrus has chicknapped all your chicks, forcing you on a quest to rescue them if you want any more of that sweet, sweet group action.

Kiwis are shy birds in the wild, though they will occasionally emerge to endorse shoe polish. Our kiwi is armed with a bow and arrow, though you can tech the bastard up with bombs, fireballs and lasers.

This is a very colourful game. Reds, greens, blues etc. There are also lots of spikes. Lots and lots of spikes. Spikes galore. Everyone hates spikes. Most games used to have spikes in them – Prince of Persia etc.

It’s a class game, and agonisingly hard. The backgrounds are truly cheerful and delightful, and could even be said to be mocking the player with an unabashed aura of hope that has largely vanished from the soul of the average gamer.

To save money, Taito have used the same piece of music through the entire game. It’s a nice tune, but after 2 hours I ate some solder.

Definitely a good game.

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There’s nothing to be said

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Still nothing to be said

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Slut-gathering at the zoo



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